• Jayne

STRANGE TIMES CALL FOR STRANGE ACTIONS ... but being kind must never be strange!

I am a Tour Guide without any Tourists! The Cruise Ships have cancelled, the airports are empty and as Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes close their doors to the public there is no-where to go anyway, even for the locals. Social distancing has made ghost towns of cities around the world and it is with a sad heart I am writing today to cancel any Whimsical Tours for the foreseeable future in response to Covid19.

I'm self employed; a sole-trader who works alone. Without any Tours to host, times will become hard - as they will for 1000s of others in the 'hospitality' trade. I have total respect and admiration for the local restaurants and bars who are thinking 'outside the box' and continue to offer great food and drink in unique ways. Hurrah and thank you! And thank you too to the NHS nurses and doctors who are working tirelessly to treat those who have already contracted the dreaded Covid19.

I've pulled on my thinking hat and am attempting to think outside the box; I'm conjuring up an array of crazy 'strange' ideas (nothing new there I hear you say!) of how to keep afloat. Ideas welcome ~ Be kind!

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