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Pave the way for Springtime - it's time to get whimsical ...

Say farewell to Winter: It's almost Springtime!

I love the sunshine.

It lifts the spirits, brightens the day and encourages time spent outside.

Sunshine in the Summer heralds long, lazy days by the sea; in the Autumn it frequently creates the most spectacular sunsets and in Winter it blazes brightly in the cold, crisp air amid blue skies and white ground. Or at least, in my perfectly imperfect world ... that's what it should do!

This year, the rain has somewhat dampened my spirits. However, with a nod towards eternal optimism I know that the stormy grey clouds will disappear one day soon and the long cold, wet winter spent huddled behind closed doors or wrapped in layers of waterproof jackets and wellies will soon become a distant memory as the loveliness of panoramic blue skies that wait patiently above are revealed. Already the Daffodils are heralding the approach of Spring with their bright yellow and orange trumpets, singing out to the world that there is something lovely ahead ... Springtime!

Springtime: the days will lengthen and the world will burst into life again - awakening from it's long (wet) winter sleep. Flowers will burst into bloom, birds will flock to their newly made nests and those exceptionally brave folk who wild-swim in the sea will continue their journey of well-being amid the waves. Restaurants and Cafes and bars will install tables and chairs alfresco for the curious to sit and appreciate the sights while they sup on delightful Devon delicacies. So much to see, so much to do and (hopefully) so many lovely sunny days to enjoy it all.

New itineraries for Whimsical Tours are being created - check them out on the Visit Plymouth website, or follow the links to my social media accounts. Happy Wandering, wherever you might be!

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